CCDP Online Cloud-Based Programming Diagnosis Platform

CCDP Online Cloud-Based Programming Diagnosis Platform, features such as Error Diagnosis, Module Programming, Coding Setup, and Configuration!  This innovative platform allow everyone to enjoy the direct service from all wenior Technical Support around the world!

CCDP System Structural Diagram

CCDP, using wireless Internet as a medium, facilitates an interaction between a smart phone (IOS or Android phones only) and cloud-based OBD equipment and services, to achieve programming diagnoses, keep a cloud-based service backup diary, and provide other functionality.

Technician’s Home Platform

Multinational and multi-region usage, specialized equipment sharing, shared high-level technicians.

CCDP uses Wi-Fi, and can even connect with the car and equipment to receive long-distance service from technicians. Relieves the pains of expensive specialized industry equipment and the lack of experienced personnel in the field. We use both Online and Offline (preloaded) technique to support our customer, and there are the  European Region Specialists, American  Region Specialists, and Japanese  Region Specialists to help!

Traditional Programming Diagnosis Equipment

When physically connecting data wires to the vehicle’s OBD port to perform the programming diagnosis locally, the data resources at one’s disposal become extremely limited. If problems are encountered, they can only be solved through QQ chat, phone calls, or similar methods of customer service.

Single brand-name 4S chain store model (1+N)

A solution for the 4S shop/service stop——-a platform where technicians are always at-the-ready to provide service

Community Shops => Single Brand Name 4S Center

Street-Side Shops => Single Brand Name 4S Center

Comprehensive Service Maintenance Centers => Single Brand Name 4S Center


Advantage: Improving service and convenience for all vehicle owners, this platform is complemented by a wireless vehicle repair network which will attract clients from various dealers with similar brands

Disadvantages: Small financial contributions, overall cost of service does not decrease, and the effectiveness of each repair is not improved.

Multi-brand 4S shops (4S conglomerates) chain store model (M+N)

A solution for the 4S shop/service stop——-a platform where technicians are always at-the-ready to provide service,  CCDP, The Trustworthy driving platform + maintenance platform. We combine the services of Metallic Spray Paint, Replacement Part Distribution, Technical Services, Heavy Repair Services, Travel Services, Second-Hand Vehicle Sales, Premium Product Sales, Quick-Fix Maintenance Repairs,


  1. Economize on personnel, land, equipment, and management
  2. Implement Internet-based sharing of personnel, land, equipment, and management
  3. Reduce building costs by 70%, and operation costs by 0%
  4. Provide additional service items and content

CCDP “Vehicle Repair Companion Tool” App A benefit to the vehicle service industry

The “Technician’s Home” platform will utilize the expertise of repair technician’s from a variety of fields, drawing support from internet communication technology through the use of a high-speed cloud-based programming diagnosis tool, to form an integrated process and resource platform. While on this platform, the results of the diagnosis are transmitted instantaneously, forming a real-life picture for long-distance repair assistance. It creates a community for mutual study and communication within the domain of automotive repair and service.

High-level technician sharing: technicians can provide service for repair shops from anywhere, breaking the current standard of one technician being able to service at only one repair shop; this also resolves the lack of high-level personnel availability and the problem of expensive equipment

Each repair shop provides the “Vehicle Repair Companion Tool” with high-level technicians, and after accumulating a wealth of service experience can attain expert status. Thus, a wealth of vehicle repair techniques and knowledge can be shared from experienced service industry professionals, with both sides working together to form an interactive and positive cycle; this will greatly benefit the entire vehicle service and maintenance industry.

Quick-fix repair customer groups deploy high-level technicians to the “Vehicle Repair Companion Tool,”  allowing service technology and other resources to be shared with lower-level repair shops; at the same time, even more service information can be shared from the technician’s home, and ultimately a steady flow of vehicle service technology will be spread among the lower-level repair shops.

Through this beneficial circulation of resource-sharing, technician’s homes and the “Vehicle Repair Companion Tool” will bring a considerable amount of customers to repair shops and quick-fix customer connection groups. After attaining a large client base, the factory can also begin to meet other vehicle owner demands, for example, a free-of-charge car wash service, which is certain to attract another group of vehicle owners.

Variety of technicians available for more specialized diagnoses

A wealth of vehicle information to support additional vehicle models!

CCDP Functional Overview

  • Electronic control system clearly reads errors, employs a dynamic data stream and component testing, etc.
  • ECU single-module programming
  • Meter programming with key matching
  • Coding
  • Vehicle customization settings
  • Maintenance reset and installation

CCDP Interface Main Functions

  • Main Functions
  • Error Diagnosis
  • Module Programming
  • Coding Configuration
  • Maintenance Light Reset
  • Electronic Brake Pad Replacement
  • Throttle Matching
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset
  • Individual Coding

CCDP Interface Display Programming Diagnosis Process

Comprehensive compatibility with German, American, Japanese and Korean vehicle models

CCDP Interface Display Programming Diagnosis Process

(From left to right)

Image 1 : Vehicle Diagnosis – Select Vehicle Model

Image 2 : Vehicle Diagnosis – Select Vehicle Diagnosis Method

Image 3 : Vehicle Diagnosis – Equipment Connection

Image 4 : Vehicle Diagnosis – Select Diagnosis Service

CCDP Interface Display Programming Diagnosis Process

You may select from one the previously stored vehicles’ information, and to avoid the trouble of entering the same information every time.

CCDP Interface Display Programming Diagnosis Process

Step One: “Vehicle Repair Companion Tool” Primary Interface.  From here, you can choose to enter into a long-distance assistance session

  • Vehicle Diagnosis
  • Module Programming
  • Coding Configuration
  • Maintenance Light Reset
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Throttle Matching
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset
  • Individualized Coding
  • Special Functions

Step Two: Select a technician to request assistance, and establish the connection


Step Three: After determining the functions you need to be performed as well as your brand and vehicle model, activate the cloud-based diagnosis terminal

  • Diagnosis Services Listing
  • Vehicle Model Listing
  • Read Computer Version Information
  • Read Error Codes
  • Eliminate Error Codes
  • Read Freeze-Frame Data
  • Read Channel Data
  • Basic Adjustments

Step 4: Live Assistance

During the diagnosis, communication with online experts is available anytime, anywhere to help resolve any issues, and long-distance assistance is also available upon request; online experts are able to check-in throughout the entire diagnosis process.


An electronically-controlled engine error may not necessarily originate from the electronic control system, because other areas of the electronically-controlled engine may continue to have errors; for example exhaust pipe blow off, quickened cylinder firing, and more. If there are no error codes present, priority should be given to checking mechanical components or traditional engine components.

CCDP Hardware Overview : CCDP Open-Box Overview Diagram

CCDP Hardware Overview

(Top Left Image) CCDP Product Pictures

(Top Right Image) CCDP Front-View

(Bottom Left Image)  CCDP Left-View

(Bottom Second Left Image) CCDP Right-View

(Bottom Right Image) CCDP Back-View


CCDP Research and Development Process

The CCDP Research and Development Team receives input from over 40 members; over the last three years, 30,000,000 yuan (~4.3 million USD) has been spent on research and development.

September 2013 – June 2015     –     Software Platform Development and Set-Up

April 2014 – December 2015      –      CCDP Software Platform Development and Debugging

January 2016 – December 2016  –    Small-Scale Use and Promotion, Optimization and Improvements to System Functions